Let me explain. For a lot of students, science is what something GOOFY looking people in lab coats do. The goofy looking people speak using BIG words and even then half the time they are talking about how the things they are talking about is not well UNDERSTOOD.

Well, if they don’t understand it, how can a young scientist LIKE you get it? Here is an open secret, scientists have not found the answers to all the science questions. And scientists are curious people; they like to talk and think about stuff they don’t know.

But, there is a lot of COOL science questions that we do know the answers to. That is the kind of stuff you learn in school so that you can one day answer the questions that still need answering.

You want examples?

A baby has legs; so why can’t he or she walk? Some of you can already guess where I am going with this. The baby has to WAIT for the leg muscles to develop before they are strong enough to allow the baby to walk. The baby’s brain is also developing, helping the baby to learn how to balance him or herself. To a baby, walking is REALLY hard. But the baby keeps at it, the baby falls down many times but the baby gets up and tries again, and eventually the baby walks and the baby runs!

Of course, this is not exactly a fair comparison. Walking is something that is very important for most humans. Learning math and science is not (although I think it is). But, there are just so many WONDERFUL things to learn through science it would be a shame not to try, even if you “fall down a few times.”

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