Hi! My name is Kamal. I LOVE science! I always have.

I think it is VERY COOL how nature works, how flowers know when to bloom, and how birds know where to fly to for winter, even though it may be thousands of kilometers away.

01 The Solar System PIA10231, mod02 Image by Image Editor via Flickr

I think it is AWESOME that we are made of stuff that was created inside stars. I think it is WONDERFUL to know that planets exist outside of solar system thousands of lightyears away.  I wonder what life would look like on planets that are able to support it.

I want everyone to know how GREAT science is. I have written a science picture book for children. I have taught science at a high school. Right now, I work for NASA creating educational materials for teachers and students. But, I thought, it is not enough. That is why I created this blog.

If you LOVE science like I do, I hope you will find interesting and useful information here. If you just like science, I hope I can show you why you really should LOVE science! And, if you think that you don’t like science at all (and I don’t think there is anyone in the world who doesn’t like science at all), THANKS for reading this far; I hope to change your mind.

So, I will be posting things I find interesting but I would like to know what you find interesting, too.  Email me and share your thoughts, questions and topics of interest that you want me to discuss in the blog. I will put your name (if you like) with your question, comment or statement with my response and make you famous… at least on this site. 😉


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