Hi, my name is Kamal. I have been interested in science ever since I was young. Maybe because I like sci-fi movies. Also, because I like to know how things work.

I went to University of California at Santa Cruz where I got a Bachelor’s degree in Physics with minors in Education and Astronomy. After college, I taught at a high school for one year. After that I took some time off to finish writing the children’s science picturebook I had started in college. It is called “Why Can’t I Jump Very High? – A Book About Gravity.”

Currently, I am working for the NASA Education and Public Outreach Group at Sonoma State University where I help create education and outreach materials for NASA high-energy astrophyics space missions as well as manage the E/PO website for those missions. I am also the lead writer for a weekly space science web-comic that we produce, called Epo’s Chronicles.

I started this blog because, as you can tell by now, I have a great passion for science and education, and there are topics in science that I wanted to talk about that did not fit neatly in what I am doing for NASA. If there are topics you would like to ask me questions about or make comments on, please feel free to contact me.

If you would like to support me and this blog, please share this blog with people who you think might be interested in reading it, and consider buying my book. If it is not something you will find useful, maybe a child in your life will.

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