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This is an introductory post to my newly established Amazon Author page, which has (or will have) a brief bio of me along to a link to my current children’s book and any future books I may write along with my blog. I will continue to post to my blog at, which will then get imported to my Amazon Author page but since Amazon does not automatically import any prior posts, I recommend that you check out for those entries.

I would love to get your questions and comments about my book or any other scientific topic and I will do my best to respond to them. See you all around the blogosphere.

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William Kamkwamba is truly an inspirational man. He used the science he learned to build a wind powered electricity generator for his family and village, changing both his and their lives. He has written a book about building his windmill. It is called The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope.

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I help write a weekly webcomic, Epo’s Chronicles, for work. To celebrate the International Year of Astronomy, I wrote a radio play for Epo’s Chronicles. It was just published on the I hope you guys enjoy it. Here is link to the original post:, which contains the transcript of the audio play. You can listen to it below.

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Although I write mostly about science on this site, I think education in general is very IMPORTANT. Why? Because a good education will open you to the possibilities of life. Rather than restricting you to a few options of what you do with your life, education allows you to explore and learn about different things like science, math, music, art, history, etc. to find something you really love and would want to do for the rest of your lives.

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