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Kiss My Math - Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss book cover

Kiss My Math - Showing Pre-Algebra Who's Boss

I was browsing my local LIBRARY (you know, the place where you can borrow books, movies, musics, etc. for FREE) and I came across Danica McKellar’s book, Kiss My Math – Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss. This book is written to help math-phobic teens understand variable, exponents, negative numbers, graphing and other pre-algebra related math.

I flipped through the book and ended up checking it out, not because I need the math help, but to spend a little more time reading Danica’s personal ADVENTURES in, and her inviting approaching to learning math. Danica became famous as an actress in one of my favorite TV shows as a child, The Wonder Years. Growing up as an actress it made sense that she would start college with the intention of studying film. However, she soon found out that she had more fun studying math and ended up graduating with a degree in the subject and even has a BONA FIDE math theorem named after her.

Danica still acts but her LOVE of math hasn’t faded one bit. And she is sharing her love of math with a new generation of girls through this and other math books she has written. While the main audience for Kiss My Math (KMM) may be girls, the stories and techniques for solving math problems will appeal to boys as well. What sets KMM apart from regular pre-algebra text books are the annotations that provide further insights to the math instructions. They are done in a conversational and sometimes WHIMSICAL fashion that makes you want to understand the problem solving methods, which are beautifully supplemented by the anecdotal stories that go along with the examples.

Peppered in between the math instructions are profiles of an actress, a singer, a laywer, a T.V. director among others, which includes how they USE math in their professions. KMM also includes little sections entitled Danica’s Diary in which she tells her own personal STORIES, not all of which are math related. She talks about struggling with personal issues like self-esteem, boys, school and her thoughts on how to DEAL with them. The book also has a couple of personality quizzes written with the help of a professional psychologist on stress and picking supportive FRIENDS and ideas on what to do if you score “low.”

If you are struggling with pre-algebra or know of someone who is, consider getting them Kiss My Math as a present or check out a local library to see if they have a copy. The book is a pleasure to read through and at times you may forget you are learning math.


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