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Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Einstein.

What did he mean by that, exactly? Is knowledge not important? Not at all! He just said that IMAGINATION is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is, by definition, stuff we know already. Imagination is what we use to IMPROVE existing knowledge and find out NEW things.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

How does one go about gaining imagination? That is where fantasy and science fiction come in. Just as one would OBSERVE great athletes to pick up their tricks and methods of playing a game well, it helps to read books and watch movies that are imaginative to INCREASE your own imagination.

Besides, science fiction and fantasy are a great INSPIRATION for new knowledge and technology. Fairytale mirrors that allow one person to talk to another who is far away is like the video phones that exist today. People traveled into space in books long before they went there for real.

Side story.

I used to participate in a forum where “experts” (people who were familiar the subject) would answer physics questions posed by visitors. One expert’s profile stated that he had read all of the science book authored by a particular scientist and none of his science fiction work. While his answers to questions were correct; in my opinion, they were hard for a person to understand without already being familiar with the subject.

I believe a healthy imagination also helps you to communicate with others more effectively because it allows express your thoughts in various ways that different people would be able to understand. Read books, and make sure some of them are fantasy and science fiction to improve your imagination. If you have a favorite science fiction or fantasy book, please share with the rest of us by posting their titles and authors in the comments section.

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