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If you do not believe that robots will eliminate most future jobs or that the President gives good advice about the need for a good education, here is something else to consider about education.

A good education gives you OPTIONS! It exposes you to the POSSIBILITIES of the world.


Suppose you had never heard about or played a video game. You might not realize just how much fun they can be. (If you do not like playing video games, pretend for a while that you do.) In order to realize for yourself whether you might or might not enjoy video games, you have to be exposed to it, either by playing a video game yourself or, at the very least, watching someone else play one.

How does this relate to education? Consider the diagram below. Each concentric circle represents the amount of OPPORTUNITIES available to depending your level of education.

The possibilities available depending on level of education.Options available based on education.


If a person is a high school dropout (the inner-most or red circle), the number of options of what that person can do in life is limited to a very few things. If he or she graduates high school, they have a few more options available. It they go to a junior college yet more options are available to them and getting a college degree (outer-most, green circle) brings even MORE opportunities.

People who are in the outer-most circle can do everything in the largest circle as well as any smaller circle. The same is not true for those who are in the smaller circles. They cannot (easily) do what exists in the larger circles.

What if there is something that you really like to do in the smaller circles? Well, how do you know if there isn’t something in the bigger circle that you would not LOVE even more?

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I am not sure if you have noticed, but when watching a sci-fi movie, it seems that everyone knows a little bit about all the technical stuff that exists in the future. It may be just jargon to us but they seem to know what they are talking about.

I think in the future everyone will have to a strong scientific background to do their everyday jobs. Here is my “evidence.” Up until 10-15 years ago, computers were not part of our everyday lives. Now, it seems that there is a computer on every desk. Anyone who does not know how to use a computer will have a very hard time finding a job.

Sure, there are jobs that do not require much technical knowledge, but they will become rarer as time goes on and anything that can be automated, will be automated.


Future jobs will require creativity and understanding of science. A simple example that exists today is one of a movie stunt coordinator. Since each stunt has to be different and unique, it cannot be automated. In order make it look exciting, the stunt coordinator has to use creativity to choreograph the stunt. To make sure that everything goes smoothly and safely, the stunt coordinator has to know about Newton’s Laws of Motion (e.g. to determine how a car will fly off a ramp),  chemicals and how they react with each other in various quantities (to create explosions) and electronics (to set off the stunts at the right times).


*As I have posted before, I believe everyone is already a scientist. This post is to show that in the future people will have to be consciously using science in their daily lives rather than sub-consciously as we currently do.

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