Why Can't I Jump Very High - A Book About Gravity - Front Cover

Why Can’t I Jump Very High?
A Book About Gravity

Author – Kamal S. Prasad
Illustrator – Aurore Simonnet

ISBN 0-9740861-5-0

For ages 7 through 10

Printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks.

A simple question asked on a basketball field sparks a discussion on gravity that carries on into the classroom. Coupled with demonstrations, which can be easily duplicated at home or in the classroom, “‘Why Can’t I Jump Very High?’ – A Book About Gravity” starts the reader on a path to the discovery of the most prevalent force in the universe.

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Supplementary materials and teacher resources for Why Can’t I Jump Very High? – A Book About Gravity.


Why Can’t I Jump Very High? is an excellent book in applying language arts skills for reading comprehension and writing applications, as well as helping children gain a deeper understanding of the concept of gravity through creative storytelling.

Sharon Janulaw
Director of the North Bay Science Project

Gravity is invisible, far-reaching, and mysterious. Most adults don’t understand it, so why should kids? Now they can, by reading Why Can’t I Jump Very High? Prasad’s clear prose gives a good explanation of gravity as well as examples of how it works which children can try out on their own. Simonnet’s artwork makes the text very clear. This would be a great book to have in the house or in the classroom.

Phil Plait
Author of Bad Astronomy, the book and the website.

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